The definition of ointment is that it is a viscous, oily cream that is applied to the skin with a nourishing, soothing or cosmetic effect. At Helosan, we specialize in developing the market’s best ointments that can be used for both children, adults and even animals. All ointments in the Helosan family have been developed in an ethically sound manner from the development of the formulas used to the production of each type. This has resulted in a product portfolio with soft ointments that relieve dry skin on the hands, feet and the rest of the body.


Ointment, cream & lotion

In our daily lives we probably do not think much about it, but there is actually a very big difference between ointments, creams and lotions, as well as the fact that all three serve one and the same purpose. The difference lies in the relationship between fat and water content – the common purpose is that all three want to add the moisture it needs to the skin. 

What should you choose?

A significant difference is the ratio between fat and water content. The common purpose is that all three want to provide the skin with the moisture it needs. An ointment has a lower water content but a significantly higher fat content. At the opposite end of the spectrum are lotions that contain a much larger amount of water and much less fat than an ointment. A lotion should therefore also be used more often and in larger amounts to achieve the same moisturizing and emollient effect as an ointment or a cream. A cream is the golden mean between an ointment and a lotion and thus has a lower water content than a lotion but at the same time a lower fat content than an ointment. The most effective treatment for dry skin is obtained when you use a product that contains moisturizing and emollient substances as well as it must have a high fat content. However, always be aware that different skin areas have different needs in relation to the product’s water and fat content. Hands and feet where the skin is thickest will often be able to handle a good, oily ointment, while the face where the skin is significantly thinner will usually have the best of a nourishing and moisturizing cream. 

How to deal with dry skin on all body parts 

Dry skin can occur for many different reasons – some you can do something about and others, such as the weather, you have to live with and eventually learn to adapt to your skin care routines that season. Dry skin is what happens when your skin is dehydrated, either because the fat layer in the top layer of the epidermis is destroyed or if the skin’s moisture decreases. For example, due to low humidity in winter.

As previously mentioned, there are many things you can do yourself to avoid dry skin. First of all, it is a really good idea to choose soaps (hand soap, detergent, shampoo, cleanser, etc.) that are gentle on your skin and as close to the skin’s PH value as possible. In addition, we all do well to introduce regular skin care routines, both when we get up, when we take a shower and before we go to bed at night. For facial care for example it is a really good idea to clean both morning and evening to remove dirt and grime that may have accumulated during the day and then of course end the routine with a good moisturizing cream. In the same way, we often get dry skin on our feet in the summer when they are aired in sandals or have to walk around on outdoor surfaces such as asphalt and tiles. Here it is also good, with common sense to make sure to lubricate regularly with an oily ointment that can moisturize and keep the skin healthy during the day.


Helosan is a skin ointment with a high content of deep care ingredients and fat and with natural extension also a lower water content. Helosan contains carefully selected moisturizing ingredients that are similar to the skin’s own natural fat barrier and together create a synergistic effect that promotes the supply of moisture to the skin and keeps it soft and supple.

Helosan original has a good, emollient effect and is perfect for daily care of dry and delicate skin. Helosan foot ointment contains many of the same nutrients that you also find in the skin ointment, but is a little fatter than the original and is therefore best suited for the body parts that easily become extra dry – such as feet, elbows and knees. Last but not least, Helosan’s foot ointment contains urea and lactic acid, which softens the hard skin and leaves the feet with soft and supple skin