Like us humans, many of our four-legged friends suffer from dry, sensitive and irritated skin. These problems are due to the skin’s natural protective layer, i.e. the skin barrier function, being weakened. Skin problems that occur due to too dry skin can include, for example, itching, eczema and cracked pads. These are problems that often increase and get worse during the winter months. By using Helosan® skin ointment on dry skin, you can prevent unpleasant skin problems for your pet. Helosan® softens and moisturises dry and sensitive skin, while the ointment protects the ecosystem of the skin barrier, so that the skin becomes more resistant to external influences and wear.

Gentle skin ointment for animals

Helosan® Original saw the light of day in 1947 when it was originally developed for use on animals – primarily cows. The purpose of the development of the skin ointment was to produce a product that could mainly be used on the cows’ teats/udders, which in the agricultural world often experienced – and still experience – dehydration and infections in connection with daily milking. Hence, of course, the popular nickname “cow ointment”. Pretty soon the maids, like the milking cows, discovered that their hands became softer and moisturising when they had lubricated the cows’ teats with Helosan® skin ointment. After that, it did not take long before Helosan® was allowed to move into an assigned place in the bathroom cabinet.

Today, Helosan® skin ointment is a well-known moisturising and caring ointment for the whole family. It contains neither scent nor animal ingredients, making it gentle on the skin and safe to use for both you and your four-legged friends. One of the biggest benefits of Helosan® is its unique and very gentle formula, especially suitable for use in pets. Helosan® contains only safe and 100% vegan ingredients. There is thus no danger if your pet licks up residues after you have lubricated the area. If your pet has extra dry skin, you can to great advantage use Helosan® Fotsalva, with its higher significantly higher fat content which leads to more moisture for the dry and irritated skin. The ointment is excellent for particularly exposed skin areas that need extra hydration and protection. With the help of its gentle and effective ingredients, the ointment can go deep while at the same time relieving the discomfort and restoring the skin barrier.

For which types of animal can you use Helosan® skin ointment?

Helosan® can be used for the care and protection of dry, sensitive and irritated skin in all our animal species, such as:

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Horse
  • Cow
  • Pig

When can you use Helosan® ointment on animals?

Helosan® moisturises and softens hard and dry skin and restores the skin’s natural balance. Above all, it is areas without fur or fur-poor areas such as pads, mules, udders, armpits, elbows and groins that are most in need of regular lubrication with Helosan® as they lack the protection the fur provides for the skin against environmental influences such as cold, sun and wind. The skin on the paws is similar in many respects to human skin in the sense that it is dried out in the same way as human skin is dried out by external and internal factors. In addition, extra harsh weather conditions such as snow and associated road salt can further dry out the paws, causing them to become sore and eventually crack.

There are many times where Helosan® can help your pet, for example to prevent and alleviate:

  • skin cracking and skin changes.
  • dry and chafed teats/udders.
  • sore and dry pads.
  • dry and irritated skin around the nose.
  • skin irritation after abrasion of saddle and saddle girth.
  • itching, abrasions and friction wounds or minor burns.

With its unique formula, Helosan® acts as a natural protection on the dry and irritated area. Thanks to the effective layer of ointment, it can temporarily protect against external factors such as weather but also against insects and their bites. When you use Helosan® to take care of irritated skin and other exposed areas, you will find that the lubricated areas become more resistant to external influences such as sun, wind, cold and water – some of the most important factors.

Skin problems in dogs and cats

Itching and skin problems of various kinds are common in dogs and cats, but of course this always causes concern for both you and your pet. Environmental factors such as dry or humid air, changeable weather, as well as heating systems and air conditioning can irritate and dry out the dog’s or cat’s skin. One of the most common skin problems in dogs and cats is skin problems with dry paws. For relief and care of dry paws, Helosan® Original can be used to advantage as it both moisturises, protects and soothes irritated or damaged skin. If your dog or cat’s paws are extra dry, you can lubricate them with Helosan® Fotsalva. The foot ointment contains urea and lactic acid, which accelerates the skin’s hydration. The ointment is perfect for the care of paws that have become dry and cracked in connection with e.g. hunting or similar activities.

Lip and nose wrinkle eczema is also a common skin condition. The moist environment and the friction around the lip and muzzle promote bacterial and fungal growth, which means that this skin problem must be kept under careful watch. Milder conditions can be treated by keeping the skin dry, clean and moisturised. In addition, there is no getting round the fact that many cats and dogs love to sleep in the hot rays of the sun. For those with sensitive skin, not least hairless breeds, this can have major negative consequences in the form of painful tan and dehydrated skin without adequate skin care.

Helosan® nourishes and moisturises the skin and helps it stabilise its natural flora. It can be used in conjunction with other medicinal products to treat various forms of skin diseases where the ointment relieves the discomfort and prevents the area from becoming dry and irritated. However, the ointment will not work if there is an underlying problem such as allergies or parasites. If you are in doubt about whether your animal may have an underlying skin disease, we recommend that you contact your vet.

When to contact a vet for skin problems in animals?

If you notice that your dog or cat itches, tears, licks or rubs more than usual, it may have suffered from a skin condition. Recurrent skin problems, even mild skin problems dry and cracked skin that does not get better from 1-2 weeks of regular daily lubrication, should be examined/consulted by a vet. This may be a sign of an underlying condition such as food allergy or atopy. A vet can help you determine the cause of skin irritation and help you choose the best way to remedy the problem. Pay extra attention if your pet has any of the following symptoms:

  • Smelly skin
  • Open wounds
  • Pain
  • Major eczema that itches and perhaps releases liquids
  • Intense itching – itching and visible lesions on the skin.
  • Itching behind the ears
  • Bare and itchy paws