HELOSAN® Foot ointment

Summer, winter, autumn and spring. In Scandinavia, we are fortunate to have changing seasons, each of which has its good sides. Each season also poses certain challenges for skin, feet and hands. Helosan® Foot ointment is specially adapted for foot care. The ointment is based on the same beneficial ingredients that you will find in Helosan® Original. So Helosan® is also well suited for the treatment of dry and cracked skin on the feet. In addition to the usual ingredients, Helosan® Foot ointment also contains urea and lactic acid, which helps to soften hard skin and makes the feet soft and supple so that they can cope with sandals, gumboots and walking shoes alike. As an added bonus, lactic acid blocks bad odor from the feet.

Quick facts

  • Emollient and moisturizing foot ointment for dry skin.
  • Effective against calluses and skin cracks.
  • Contains lactic acid which blocks bad odor.
  • Unscented and vegan.
  • The tube is made of recyclable plastic.

Product description & area of use

Helosan® Foot ointment is a softening and moisturizing foot ointment for extra dry skin around the foot area. The foot ointment is based on the same beneficial and effective ingredients as you can find in Helosan® Original. Helosan® Foot ointment also contains urea and lactic acid which effectively softens calluses and cracks that often occur on exposed areas such as feet and heels. Lactic acid also helps to lower the pH value, which blocks bad odors on sweaty feet and gives the feet a refreshed feeling. To further counteract less pleasant odors, the ointment also contains Eucalyptus Globulus, which is a mild and natural oil. Lactic acid and Eucalyptus oil work together to ensure good foot hygiene throughout the day.

Helosan® Foot ointment is specially adapted for daily care of the feet. The ointment is gentle on the skin and free of animal ingredients. For best effect, we recommend that the foot ointment is used during the night with a pair of cotton socks on top, in this way the foot ointment has time to work undisturbed while the skin can breathe through the sock’s cotton fibres.