The timeless ointment for the whole family since 1947.

helosan doftfri

Gentle and unscented skin care without artificial fragrances. Contains Eucalyptus Globulus which is an essential oil with caring properties added to give a fresh aromatic scent.

helosan ansvar

We take responsibility for Helosan® and its ingredients to ensure that the brand complies with environmental responsibility, from production to consumption.

helosan vegansk

Helosan® contains carefully selected ingredients that works together to strengthen and restore the skin’s natural barrier balance. Vegan skin care for dry and sensitive skin.

Helosan® Original

Helosan® Foot Ointment

This is HELOSAN®

Use Helosan® for:

All skin types (dry skin, combination skin and oily skin).
The whole family, adults and children, people and animals.
Exposed dry skin areas and skin cracks such as hands, elbows and lips.
Sore nipples after breastfeeding.
Skin that is dehydrated and irritated by cold, wind, water and sun.
Aftercare of tattooed skin.
Animal care, prevent and alleviate skin problems such as cracked pads, dry teats/udders, and irritated skin around the nose.

Helosan® is sold in grocery stores and pharmacies in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Estonia.